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TRIBE: a group of people who are the same "kind".  BUT our "kind" is INCLUSIVE of all--so if you have a V OR identify with the in ANY way, you're in the right place!  Here are ALL the various ways you can be a part of OUR TRIBE!


Imagine having more support throughout your ENTIRE pregnancy through post-partum. We offer so many ways to get involved in our tribe with the pregnancy program (a self-paced video course OR monthly live zoom membership), our pregnancy eBook and our post-partum membership!   No more "is this normal" internet rabbit holes or feeling alone in this pregnancy journey...

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Back in 2010, Jenny froze her eggs and then ten years later at the age of 45, used those eggs to go through IVF.  A decade after she froze those eggs she had a beautiful baby girl in 2021!  She documented much of her process so there will be more to come in this area, but click here to check out SHOT SCHOOL – fertility tips and tricks!  If you are interested in having a one on one consultation with jenny about egg freezing click here!

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This is where we will be offering fun and engaged education, helping you better understand your body.  you’ll gain knowledge on all things women’s health and decrease your anxiety, discovering that your issues and concerns are likely super normal.  subjects such as herpes/HPV, perimenopause/ menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, birth control and female cancers, just to name a few.

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Our Story

I’m Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, the "my OB" and practicing OBGYN since 1999, and I’ve teamed together with JennyHayes Edwards, the "ME" and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach -- who also just went through a pregnancy and we documented the whole thing!  After we discovered each other’s complementary assets, we partnered up to create a rocket-fueled platform!  Our ultimate mission is to increase women’s knowledge in order to decrease their anxiety as it relates to their female health, while having lots of fun in the process...

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What you get with Our Pregnancy Programs...


Imagine the next time a pregnancy question arises but your doctor’s office is already closed.  While you know it’s probably not an emergency you also know that Dr. Google will lead you down the wrong path.  The convenience of all our my OB & ME pregnancy products will enable you to stay cool, calm and collected!  Check out the "Pregnancy Stuff' page!

Expert Guidance

What better combination can you get than an OB/GYN who has taken care of pregnant women for over 2 decades combined with an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who also just documented her pregnancy journey live?  Magic!  These ladies cover lots of topics beyond just obstetrics, so get ready!!


Community & Support

Through education and lots of laughter, we will reduce your fear, improve your knowledge and support you in understanding that you are not “sick”, you’re simply pregnant.  You and your doctor, along with my OB & ME and our entire tribe, will collaboratively create an amazing journey for you! #womensupportingwomen





We are a tribe built on 100% inclusivity, guaranteed!

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