Epidural (Why? Yes please!)



[00:00:00] So if you have questions about epidurals, it makes a lot of sense, right? Like, should I get an epidural? Should I not get an epidural? Is an epidural gonna slow down labor? I have answers, . So here's actually my quick answer about should you or should you not get an epidural only, you know, meaning, Let it be very clear that it is incredibly safe to have an epidural. 

Millions of women throughout the world every day get epidurals, and actually millions of women, unfortunately, throughout the world, every day, don't get epidurals, some of whom choose not to, which is absolute their choice, some of whom are unable to get them because they are in. , less industrialized countries where epidurals are not available, which as a physician, as a woman, as a mother, fills me with angst and sadness because an event that. 

Granted is natural, can, um, be so incredibly challenging and painful is something that I believe we should offer pain [00:01:00] medication for. I think there are people who believe they don't need pain medication, and I, you are my patient, you know that I agree with you. If you don't need it, if you choose to not need it, you don't need it. 

Don't get it. My, um, request of all my patients is to not enter into it Dogmatically. Saying, I am not getting one. First of all, because if you believe in manifesting, the best way to invite something in is to say what you don't want to happen. The minute you say, I'm not getting an epidural and I don't want this, and I don't want this in the world of manifesting because like attract, like you're gonna be getting it. 

More importantly, I truly believe that until you are in really any situation, many of us don't know exactly what we're gonna do, but especially when it comes to pain and especially when it comes to labor, which is a highly. Um, predictably unpredictable event. So I think what's wonderful if you choose to try without an epidural is to come into it saying, I'm gonna really try, I'm gonna, I'm gonna use some tools to help me not get an [00:02:00] epidural. 

And yet, if I need it, I'm gonna be open to it and I'm not going to feel less than, and I'm not going to riddle myself with guilt, and I am not going to feel like I've failed my attempt. I'm gonna feel that I have made strides to try something and if it worked, it's wonderful. And if it doesn't work, there's a reason it didn't work because the pain was too much to endure. 

And I've seen women go through this without epidural purposefully. I've seen women go through this without an epidural non purposefully because they've gone too quickly. And I've also unfortunately seen women who deeply believed they should not get an epidural for. Their own reasons, and they have unfortunately created situations that probably, um, made their labor process more tumultuous than it needed to be. 

All that said, certainly it's your choice. Certainly it's good to educate yourself, though I would educate yourself with the people that I personally kind of think makes sense, meaning there's no reason for doctors who don't profit from the epidurals, by the way, to encourage you to get epi an epidural. 

It's not [00:03:00] helping. Us in any way. It is really something that I think should not be maligned, and I actually think it's a very deeply anti-feminist movement to malign epidurals. There I said it so. Epidurals. If you wanna know more and you wanna be part of our pregnancy program tonight we're gonna be discussing epidurals and pain medicine, and I'm gonna dabble a little bit, even with hypnobirthing and my views on hypnobirthing, which I'll give you this little newsflash. 

I don't think it's a bad thing to do. I actually think it's great to do hypnobirthing with the purpose of helping yourself throughout the process, whether it means you're going to use it to avoid an epi. open-mindedly or use it in the event that you get to the point where you need an epidural or you need even a C-section. 

Hypno birthing can be a wonderful tool if approached properly. I think so. If you'd like to hear more details, you can join our pregnancy program and if you join before tonight, Then tonight's lecture will be part of your process, and [00:04:00] in our pregnancy program, you get immediate access to our 220 page ebook, which has all the nuts and bolts of what it's like when you get pregnant. 

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Okay. Hope you join us. Bye.