International women's day- deep thoughts


[00:00:00] International Day of the woman, which I missed because this woman was working and then had a Zoom. But here's what I wanted to talk about cuz my niece, Janet, and I were talking about this last night. I think that despite being someone who obviously has what we will classically consider a more masculine energy and that I'm kind of assertive and aggressive, let's face it for getting my short hair as well. 

I also truly love, love, love being a woman. I love what I consider to. , very female qualities. Not feminine in the sense of pink and bows, but feminine in the sense of collaboration, engagement, growth, and caring. Right? Something that we have considered feminine or female. That does not mean that men or trans or non-binary people cannot espouse those qualities, but those are qualities that. 

Many of us, I would say me considered more feminine and female. That said, if we only talk as feminists about women and celebrating women, we are [00:01:00] missing the boat. And I'm trying to learn that because as someone who celebrates women, takes care of women, actually works to be in a practice as a gynecologist. 

Where being essentially in charge of women's health is my mantle. I need to start learning new language and new thought patterns. I need to start reminding myself that I don't always exclusively have to refer to humans with ovaries and humans with uteruses, because some are defined as women and some are defined as men, and some are defined as trans and some are defined as humans with ovaries. 

But I think being open to it, and I say this to those of us or you who might be struggling with that concept and might feel like, oh, why? What are you talking about? We are just women. Women are women, and there's none of this other stuff. If we don't understand it, it's okay to say, this is new to us and we're learning, but it's not okay to demean a group of people because you don't understand it or because history hasn't been this way or nature because, let's face it, nature and history have had a really spotty past. 

When it comes. Our gender and sexuality. That's a fact, right? But we don't like to believe that because last several hundred years we have been [00:02:00] very defined and very binary. But that was our construct and that's what I'm really trying to learn and understand. And I think that we should all just be open to that. 

So I still say on International Day of the Women, I love celebrating women. I really do. As, and I think going forward, what we're going to find is that we should love celebrating humans who behave in ways that maybe, um, all humans should espouse maybe the most masculine of men. Can still consider, um, engaging in the notion of collaboration, kindness, listening, things that again, we have not traditionally thought of as masculine or male. 

At least I haven't, I admit it. So those are my thoughts. I hope y'all have a good day. Very shiny today. Okay, goodbye.