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[00:00:00] Hello. It's Tuesday and it happens to be a day off because I'm not on call this week, and it happens to be a day where I decided I wanna talk about some fluffy stuff instead of the ob gyn stuff that I've been talking about these last couple days. So the fluffy stuff to me, shouldn't, I shouldn't call it fluffy, it's mindset, and I actually think it's probably the most important stuff. 

And while I weave it into a lot of the other teachings, It's actually, um, fluffy in that it's nebulous and it's hard to define, but I think it is the overarching theme that keeps me sane, sane being qualified, because this week I don't feel sane. , I feel really like overwrought with a lot of just things going on in my mind, nonetheless. 

Today I'm gonna talk about a few isms that I really, um, constantly use in my own daily life for myself and for my patients. So I want to impart them again, and you've heard me say some of them, but I'm gonna keep sprinkling them in and define them for you. Proactive, not paranoid [00:01:00] one. Another one is it's likely nothing, but let's check it out. 

And the third, which I haven't said here, but I think about a lot. It's not normal, but it's common. So I'm gonna start with that one because it came up a lot yesterday with a few different patients for a few different reasons. For example, a patient who said she was having some bleeding in pregnancy, and she said, is it normal to bleed in the beginning of pregnancy? 

And I actually get a lot of dms about that. Is it normal to bleed in pregnancy? And my answer has to be no, it's not normal, normal. by definition, I think is what should happen, right? What should happen in a pregnancy is you get pregnant, you go in for, you know, 13 to 14, very regular, very boring visits. You have not a blip of anything abnormal, nothing bad, nothing concerning, nothing that even needs to be discussed, and then you deliver an easy, healthy vaginal delivery. 

That's it. That's normal. . How many people have that? Very few. Now, normal is not a great word here, right? So I say to patients often, well, it's not normal, but it's common. So we really shouldn't even ask like, is it normal? So it's not normal because it's [00:02:00] not what should happen. But the answer is it's very common to bleed in pregnancy. 

Now, here's where the second thing that I had said comes into. . It's likely nothing when you have bleeding in pregnancy, but it has to be checked out, meaning it's likely nothing concerning. Bleeding in pregnancy happens often, and it's often things like, I just had intercourse and so I had bleeding from my cervix. 

I just had a bowel movement, so I had bleeding from my cervix. I just lifted something heavy, so I had bleeding from my cervix, but it has to be checked out. What if it's something more concerning like it was my placenta. . Well, that is something important and that can be sometimes dangerous, but even then it's likely nothing concerning. 

Meaning even bleeding from the pregnancy doesn't mean death and destruction. It doesn't mean something dangerous, but it absolutely has to be checked out and managed, meaning patients should be resting, they should be monitored differently. Okay, so again, is bleeding normal in pregnancy? Nope. It's not normal. 

Shouldn't happen. But does it happen often? all [00:03:00] the time. So rather than freak out and go, oh my God, it's not normal, therefore I have to freak out. No, I'm not saying freak out. I'm saying it's not normal. It's likely nothing though. So let's check it out because it's so common and we have a very clear number of things that we know as doctors could be causing it and that we can figure out, okay, can we always fix those things? 

No, but we can monitor those things and we can be fairly certain that those things aren't gonna cause harm. So another part of this has to do with, and I spoke about this months ago. . Doctors constantly ruling things out in our mind, even if we're not telling you that. So the way we work is on what we call a differential diagnosis. 

So when you come to your doctor and you say like, I have a really bad headache, you might not realize it, but what she's constantly doing is kind of milling through her list of why she thinks you're not dying of an aneurysm, why she thinks you don't have a brain tumor, why she thinks your head is not gonna explode because of eclampsia, which is where you're about to have a seizure from pre-eclampsia, right? 

So she's going through all those. Right. You might not know [00:04:00] it and she doesn't necessarily wanna say to you, okay, here's what it could be. It could be a brain tumor, it could be an aneurysm. It could be if you're pregnant eclampsia where you're about to have a seizure. She doesn't wanna say that because that's gonna just freak the fuck outta you, right? 

But she's thinking it. If she's a good doctor, which I'm assuming most of your people are good doctors, so she's going through it systematically. She's looking at you, she's assessing you, she's checking your vital signs, she's asking you different questions, and all these questions aren't an attempt for her to be able to kind of. 

Rule out different things, right? That is her being proactive, not being paranoid, but not blowing things off. So again, this whole fluffy video of mindset is to say to all of you guys, I need you all to kind of constantly live your lives this way. I need you all to be thinking. The likelihood is when someone walks in the door, whether they're a patient, whether they're a friend, whether it's my kids, the likelihood of things are gonna be okay in life, but I have to constantly. 

Mindful of what the possibilities are, and when that comes to being a patient, you [00:05:00] have to think to yourself, I'm likely not dying in any given moment, and I'm gonna go and tell my doctor the things that are wrong, and my doctor's gonna help me figure out that I'm probably not dying because I'm gonna be proactive and not paranoid. 

She's gonna be proactive and not paranoid. She's gonna remind me that. Bleeding during pregnancy or having an abnormal pap smear or having herpes or um, having irregular bleeding. Another person called me today that her nine year old granddaughter is having really heavy irregular bleeding. Is that normal? 

Well, again, normal. No. But common, yes. Should it be ignored? No. Should we be freaked out? Paranoid? No. , can it be, um, managed? Because we can rule things out that are concerning and dangerous. Yes. So if we go about it, not in a lackadaisical like unicorns and rainbows, the whole world is fine. There's never anything wrong. 

I don't want that. Cuz then we're gonna miss things. But should we go about it in a like, oh my God, the world is literally death and destruction and coming to an end because I just had some irregular bleeding. That's not gonna help us. So people, [00:06:00] we need to be proactive. We need to keep thinking. . It's exhausting, by the way, to think this way, but if you train yourself long enough, it just becomes a part of your vernacular in your mind where you're constantly running through a, all right, you know what? 

Like my door is open to my home. That's unusual. That's not normal, but it happens. Why is it open? Do I think it could be a thief in there? It could be, but it's probably not. It's probably that my kid walked in, walked, the dogs, forgot to close the door, so am I gonna just walk in flagrantly and like completely assume that nothing's going on? 

Probably not, but I'm not gonna walk in. Dun Dun Dunna. I'm gonna walk in like a little bit cautious, but also like assuming that no one's broke into my home, right? There's like a, a give and take of everything we do. Did that example make sense? Cause I just made that up off the cuff, so I don't know. All right. 

I digress. I hope that all makes sense. That's all I got in me today. I am just, Feeling energetically a little bit often crazy these last couple days for various reasons many of you have written to me and telling me you're feeling the same. I [00:07:00] don't know if you're just trying to commiserate and make me feel good. 

And if you are, thank you. I love you. And if you're feeling it too because of Mercury or some weird celestial, something that's going on, then hopefully it will pass. Okay. And by the way, yes, for those of you who noticed, I did get a new eye. This was an awesome eBay find. This was, it's 14 carrot but super cheap. 

It was like a hundred dollars. Um, on eBay. 14, Kara with like a glass. I, that's how I get most of my stuff. People, it's not expensive. You just gotta be kind of compulsively searching at four in the morning when you can't sleep and you should be doing other things. Actually, I'm kidding. I have been sleeping cuz I've been doing this detox and I, I actually do sleep. 

That's, that was a joke. I don't not sleep when I'm not delivering babies. I do sleep. Okay. Goodbye.