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in this new world we are living in, connection is more important than ever.  But as we know it's hard given how limited in person resources have become.  This online group offers women who are navigating the turbulent waters of the post partum journey, incredible connection and support.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you are alone in this journey, and with this group you will NEVER feel that way!


Through our twice monthly zoom calls we offer both connection with other women going through the same thing but also education.  For example, you can watch all the videos in the world on breast feeding before you have your baby, but it's not until you're IN IT, do you realize how many questions you still have.  The invaluable knowledge gained from our industry experts, coupled with the knowledge shared among the members is truly magic!


We are so proud to be collaborating with some incredible women and organizations, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.  See below for a detailed list of the various resources this post partum membership is fortunate enough to tap into offering our members a robust platform of support.  We are also very excited to offer discount codes for additional resources from many of these experts listed and more!

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Check out all these amazing businesses and industry experts we are collaborating with in our post partum program:

Baby Sleep Consultant & Trainer

Xan Coffman (short for Alexandra) is a mama of three girls, 6 years and under.  She is the Founder of MyBaby Sleepology where she is an infant & toddler sleep specialist.  Over the years Xan and her team have helped thousands of families across the world achieve better sleep. Xan is a firm believer that all children can be great sleepers and that healthy sleep for the entire family is extremely important!  She is also the founder of the Pediatric Sleep Academy where she certifies others to become sleep consultants. 

Tummy Time 101

Dr. Sneha Gosalia, a mother of two, is a pediatric physical therapist who teaches families with newborns about the importance of tummy time to help develop their fine and gross motor skills the moment they are home from the hospital.  She also works with children with gross motor delays due to various conditions and has extensive training in neurodevelopmental techniques, sensory integration, vestibular rehabilitation, pediatric yoga/pilates, and massage. She runs monthly tummy time classes for parents with newborns at her practice Big Leaps in Stamford, CT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Dr. Jen Morgan, owner of Centrality Wellness, is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor health.  Her course "Streamline your six" covers all things from healing timelines, core canister function, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, bowel and bladder health, returning to exercise & finding a pelvic therapist near you, all of which is delivered to you in an ebook with videos, educational content, exercise suggestion & wellness insights. 

Pre & Post Natal Personal Trainer 

Lauren Seib, a mom of one with one on the way, is a NASM certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal exercise specialist. Her goal: to help you move safely, effectively and efficiently every step of your way through motherhood. Lauren focuses on strength, stretch and rehabilitation exercises to reduce potential pain and injury while best preparing you for labor, birth and life as a new mama. Good news...her must-do moves are both naptime and tummy time friendly so that you can -- and will -- confidently rock motherhood and beyond from the inside out. Her online program, Bump + Thrive, will be launching mid-2022.

Maternal Wellness Coach

Marcella Kelson, mom of one and one on the way, holds a master’s degrees in Psychoanalytic Developmental and Social Work specializing in Children & Families.  She focuses on topics such as maternal mental health, child development, marriage strain and changes as a result of parenthood, identity loss and formation and much more. In providing practical, strengths and evidence based coaching, Marcella hopes to shed light on taboo topics that are insufficiently discussed in modern culture.

Lactation & Feeding Consultant

Beth Iovinelli, mom of  2, has been adn RN in the field of maternal child health for 28 years. She has worked as a nurse in labor and delivery, post partum and as a hospital based educator and lactation consultant.  Currently she works at a breastfeeding specialty practice and in private practice as "The Baby Waitress".  Beth provides virtual prenatal breastfeeding classes, home and virtual visits all  with phone and text support after your baby arrives.  Her belief is that your instincts are just as important as all the "rules." She will guide you through the process and help you develop the confidence to shape your experience to fit you and your baby. 

RD & Baby Led Feeding Expert

Malina Malkani is a best-selling author, registered dietician and mom of 3.  And her goal is to start solids without stress and lay the groundwork for growing a happy, adventurous eater! Her online course for parents will help you navigate baby-led feeding with confidence and avoid the feeding mistakes that can lead to mealtime stress. Her course also includes a 12 Week Baby-Led Feeding Meal Plan with over 30 recipes and a complete plan for top allergen introduction.  And she helps solve "picky eating!!"

Post-Partum Mood 

Sarah Bren, PhD is a clinical psychologist and mom of two, whose passion is helping parents find their inner confidence and raise healthy, resilient kids. Dr. Sarah is the host of the podcast Securely Attached, and the creator of the digital course The Authentic Parent: Finding Your Confidence in Parenthood. She is the co-founder of Upshur Bren Psychology Group in Pelham, NY where she treats parents, children and families.  

Infant CPR was created by a couple who have firsthand experience with a choking child.  Their mission was and still is to create the highest quality and most up-to-date online CPR training available for parents and caregivers.  Since 2013, they’ve been helping families, parents, and caregivers prepare for the worst. They want to ensure these lifesaving skills make it off of your to-do list and help parents understand that there is no reason to wait.



Hey there, I'm Shieva Ghofrany  (@biglovefiercejuju) and I've been an OBGYN since 1999. I've teamed together with Jenny Hayes Edwards (@salt_water_wellness), an Integrative Nutrition Health coach who also just went through a pregnancy.  together we formed TRIBE CALLED V (@tribecalledv) and created the my OB & ME pregnancy program.  Now we've had countless women "graduate" from our pregnancy program and still wanting more.  So we decided to create the post partum membership!  We hope you'll join us!

This is why we've created the post-partum membership... 

Our mission started by creating our pregnancy program and membership.  But as things go, women eventually started "graduating" from the pregnancy portion of things and began asking us for more!  And just like that we listened!  We launched the post-partum membership in the Fall of 2021 and we are so excited to have you join us! 

Post-partum anxiety be gone!!

it's 3 am and you're alone in your dark nursery, struggling to feed your baby, feeling like you must be the person in the world awake right now ....
...or your baby just had a blow out, you're going on the fourth outfit change of the day and you have vomit in your hair and you're wondering how others deal ...
...or you are overwhelmed by all the resources, have five books on your bedside table on how to get your baby to sleep, but are too tired to read any of them...


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During this post partum time there is nothing more important than connection...

our private virtual group is meant to facilitate and forge community among women - because we know that when women engage, encourage and empathize with each other, magic happens.


Let's face it, this whole raising a human thing is hard.  Especially now that our world is a little more isolated than it used to be.  And even though we may be coming out of the height of this pandemic, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear.  We need a tribe.  In the history of forever, children were raised (literally) by a village.  We were not designed or meant to do this alone. And there is NO shame is realizing you need help and support.  Unless you are the rare unicorn that has NOT found herself crying at 3am in a dark nursery, we've all been there and we are here to support YOU!  Lets make this post-partum journey the best it can be!  -Jenny

Ready to thrive with your new baby?


"Through my decades of being an OBGYN, what I know to be true is that women love to engage and better understand their bodies.

I believe that we can enhance our knowledge by collaborating with other women while still having the guidance of a professional.  this helps filter out the noise which is our ultimate goal at TRIBE CALLED V" 

- Shieva Ghofrany, MD 

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