Pregnancy and Mindset


Shieva Ghofrany: [00:00:00] Hello to Sharon and everyone at Female Entrepreneur Group, and I am so excited because it's not only females. It turns out we're gonna have men and women and people of every walk of life, which I think is wonderful to collaborate. I'm Shiva Gorani. I've been an ob gyn for 23 years, and I joke that I am the. 

Hair club member slash hair club president, and hopefully many of you are old enough to know what I'm talking about, meaning I've been through tons of my own health issues. Not only have I had six miscarriages, three babies, vaginal delivery, c-sections, a child with an intrauterine stroke, a child with a club foot, it reads like a laundry list. 

And a culminated, uh, six years ago when I was 46 in ovarian cancer. Was terrible, but luckily it was stage two. So I'm here to talk about it and I do talk about it a lot. I use my own, um, experiences to really inform my care as a doctor in private practice for 23 years. And two years ago, my business partner and I started our company called [00:01:00] Tribe called V. 

And it is a platform that is meant to really help women and humans with OV. Increase their knowledge to decrease their anxiety. That is our motto. That is our mantra, and we do that through a few different video platform technologies. So we have our pregnancy course that just launched where it's 40 weeks, um, of, of class time that people can binge on their own or watch week by week. 

We have a live Zoom membership or twice a month I'd talk about pregnancy issues. And then we have time for q and a. We now have postpartum Zoom membership that my business partner runs. She herself had her baby at age 46 with her frozen egg from when she was 35 years old. So together, we've really kind of used these, these examples of people overcoming things they didn't think they had to overcome. 

So that's about me. I'm excited to. Get to watch the summit. Fortunately, unfortunately, the summit is on my birthday on April 23rd. Um, so that weekend is a little bit [00:02:00] crazy because of my birthday and my father and my son's birthday. So I will not be there live, but I will watch it on videotape and I'm deeply grateful to everyone in this space, especially Sharon, for putting these things together. 

Um, I really continue to say how much I love the way medicine is changing, meaning medicine is changing in detrimentally horrible ways as we all. With regard to the doctor-patient relationship and the fractured care that we have to deliver because of our broken systems. But medicine is changing in a beautiful way because each of us know that we don't have to fulfill the kind of old-fashioned medical community's mantra of working till we're 65 and then retiring and being done. 

We can, um, shift and. Continue to figure out how medicine can work for us personally. And again, for me, it's my tribe called the platform. And for many of you, you're all entrepreneurs. I think it's amazing to hear all this. So I can't wait to meet more of you. And if you've gotten to the end of this video, Bravo. 

And if you want to share your social media handles, I started following a bunch of you the other [00:03:00] day. My handle is Big Love Fierce Juju, which is my Instagram handle and our tribe called V handle as well. Bye.