Pro life anti-choice a story


[00:00:00] Hi, I'm here to learn about sex education. Um, yeah, I'm, I'm excited to learn. I wanna like arm myself with information so that I can like, value myself and make sure I'm doing the right things and taking care of myself and being safe. Ah-huh. . Oh, no, we don't, we don't do that here. Sorry. I mean, we are pro-life, you know, life at any cost, any cost, blah, blah, blah. 

I mean, if we taught you about sex, you would want to actually have sex. No. Yeah. No, that doesn't. Actually that's great because I love life too. I'm like very involved in life. Like I love my life. I really wanna value my life. In fact, I'm gonna study, I'm gonna get an education. I really wanna stop the cycles that have happened in our country with people not being able to thrive and do as well as they can. 

And so thank you for loving life. Me too. Um, so now I need to learn more about how I can kind of preserve my own life, right? So how about we learn about. I mean, again, no, we don't teach about sex. If we teach you about sex, you're going to want to have sex. So we don't, we don't do that. We will not actively engage in teaching you about sex. 

No, that's, that's, well, that's kind of funny because I kind of feel [00:01:00] like, don't you wanna have sex? Like a lot of people wanna have sex, but Okay, forget about that. Don't even worry. Because guess what, as a lover of life, I celebrated my life. I went on the internet and there's all these doctors who were educating people about how to not get pregnant, which is excellent cuz we. 

I would like to not get pregnant by my choice. Um, so now I actually just need you to help me with some birth control. Can you do that? Help a girl with the uterus out birth control? Yeah. Yeah. No, see, we can't give you birth control because if we give you birth control or contraception to stop you from getting pregnant, like that's gonna, again, encourage you to wanna have sex. 

And we just think you shouldn't have sex. I mean, no, of course we have sex. That's not the point. But you shouldn't want to have sex. And if you do have sex, you shouldn't be allowed to get birth control because contraception's gonna encourage you to wanna. , right? I mean, so, you know, remember we are pro-life. 

That's what we stand for. . So like here I am. So basically I really educated myself and I learned about birth control. And then here's the truth, like it was really hard to get time off of work because we don't really have paid time off. And then I tried to make appointments with the doctors, but do you know this? 

The [00:02:00] doctors are like so incredibly busy and behind because. Even though the government claims that it cares about doctors, doctors literally see like 30 patients a day. So you can't get an appointment for months because the reimbursements to them are so incredibly low. So I tried to do online birth control, and my insurance is supposed to cover it by these mandates, but the truth is it only covers very specific ones and not the ones that really work well for me because they made me so incredibly sick. 

So after all, I'm pregnant and I know you're pro-life and here's life inside me growing. And so at least I know now as the government, you're gonna support me and my baby and help create a beautiful, wonderful life. So, I mean, there's that at least, right? I mean, forget that I had ideas of becoming educated and um, I really wanted to like, work hard and things like that, but at least you'll help me because I can go back to work after I have my baby, right? 

Oh, so there's life in there. Okay, good. Well, so here's the deal, actually. Um, so yeah, if you fall under the poverty line, like under, I don't know, about 30 ish thousand, then you might qualify for Medicaid that many doctors take actually. But like you won't [00:03:00] get any paid time off, meaning don't expect to really get paid for your maternity leave in most states, and you'll have to go back at six weeks. 

Oh, and by the way, we don't cover childcare. Like, so you're gonna have to make sure that you're working because you're gonna need to make sure that you. Um, good childcare, like maybe daycare or something. And by the way, if you make more than like ish 30,000, you won't qualify for Medicaid. So you'll have to get private insurance through your employer. 

And of course, you're gonna work the whole time during your pregnancy because it doesn't matter if you're gonna feel sick or if you have bleeding or anything like that. And, um, so when you're working, you make sure that you have to cover all of the deductibles and things like that. Okay? Yeah. So, You know, good job, growing life. 

We're here to, you know, like we're here to support you, like in in name. And by the way, on your way out, don't forget to pick up the flyers for next week's gun rally. Okay? It's really valuable and important that you're there. Okay? Yeah. Thanks. Good luck.