Science vs. nature!


[00:00:00] This morning we're gonna talk about nature and jewelry. Two of my favorite topics, do you see this? This is my newest jangle, my double helix from Divine female owned company Access 79. And with it came this. Beautiful note designed by a talented team of female physician scientists. This necklace symbolizes the persistent yet humble power of science in solving mankind's greatest challenges. 

Do you know what I think is fascinating about this whole conundrum of what we're going through right now with Covid? And I've said this before, but I'm gonna say it again with my smeared makeup in a slightly different. Because it struck me when the card said this mankind's greatest challenge or womenkind, since we are men and women or humankind, our biggest challenge is that we have taken over a physical natural earth. 

We have mutated it, we have morphed it. We have done so much to, we have [00:01:00] overpopulated it. We have taken its wheat and its grains and everything, and eaten them and ingested them away that we were not meant to. And now we are upset at it that it is trying to do what it needs to do. The earth is trying to rid itself of us because we have harmed it and we have to acknowledge that. 

Now, I'm not saying give up your hands willingly people, because this is what we do. We've invaded like the history of many countries where we've invaded and taken over and now decided it's ours. It's. . It sounds evil, but it is true, and that anyone here who doesn't acknowledge it is merely flying in the face of the truth. 

The earth and nature did not intend for humankind and humans to live with this number and to live this long. If we truly look at nature, meaning at the earliest signs of humans that we can actually acknowledge and. . We were not meant to live this long. I don't even know. I wanna say we were [00:02:00] supposed to die like I thought, in like maybe our forties or fifties. 

We certainly weren't supposed to be living into our nineties, not even sixties or seventies. And here we are, which to me is a human, is a beautiful thing. Science has helped us do that. Science by decreasing infectious diseases, by using things like antibiotics, by actually creating surgery so that you don't die of things like appendicitis or ruptured gallbladder or cancer chemotherapy. 

These are all based in science, so to now in the face of something that is very natural, the Covid virus is a very natural phenomenon and the whole aspect of how it has potentially mutated from animals to. It's very natural. It's what the earth was meant to do to us. We can, as I've said before, say Hi, earth. 

Hi Mother Nature. We love you. We see you. We respect you. We're actually sorry that we've done what we've done to a degree and we're trying to learn from our mistakes. We are trying to get back to nature when we can, when it fits with [00:03:00] what we actually. Which is to survive, and we wanna survive the shit out of it, like over and over. 

We wanna survive. We wanna live longer. Every single one of you watching this wants to live somewhat longer, at least I'd say into your eighties and nineties, right? That is not consistent with nature. So please just consider that for a moment when we talk about this incredibly polarizing, increasingly politic. 

Anti-VAX anti mask solution? No, they are not natural. They are patently unnatural, as was my chemotherapy. As is your phone that you are watching this on as is every single thing that humankind has created and invited this type of problem, and now we have to try to fix it. And that fix is not natural. But as we say, with access 70. 

Thank God for the scientists who are solving humankind's challenges. So go to Access 79. This was gifted and I love it. Double helix. [00:04:00] Okay, get vaccinated too, please.