Freaking out about the shots?  yes I get it.  I did too.  I googled everything I could for "best practices" and could only find a boring video of a nurse using a mannequin.  SO here we go!  I've created a 35 minute tutorial video showing you ALL my tips and tricks called....




Subcutaneous Injection (i.e. the tummy shot) video tutorial
"Progesterone Vaginal Suppository" best tips and tricks (sorry no video for this one)
"Hormone Patches" best tips and tricks - and tips on saving some $ on them!
"Intramuscular Shot" (i.e. the butt shot) - best daily tips and tricks in advance of the injection
"Intramuscular Shot"(i.e. the butt shot) - video tutorial - yes I'm bearing my buttocks for you people!
Pdf Download "medication spreadsheet calendar" - customizable for your medications!

The fertility journey is hard enough as it is.  Now you’re stressed about the shots.  It’s all a LOT!!   I truly understand.  But wouldn’t it be awesome to just cruise through this process with a little more confidence? In less than an hour you will learn how to make the next several months of your life a little easier!







 Hi I’m Jenny!  And when I was 35 years old I froze my eggs with the country’s leading fertility and egg freezing specialist, Dr. William Schoolcraft of CCRM.  In fact, I was one of the very first women in this country to undergo egg freezing with vitrification (i.e. fast freezing).  How cool is that??

Fast forward ten years, at the age of 45, I used those frozen eggs and in February 2021, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  (insert grateful emojis here)

I tell you all this because, first, I’m an open book.  But two, I have been studying, learning and been involved with this process for over a decade now.  I’m wildly passionate about it and want to help as many other women as I can. 

 However, when it came time for my embryo transfer and to start the progesterone shots I was scared out of my mind.  Even though I had undergone the egg stimulation and retrieval ten years prior, for some reason the progesterone shot scared me more.  I couldn’t find anything online that was particularly helpful so I decided to document it on my own, so I could share with others. So here we go!  I’m baring my bum for you ladies, so I can help others to be less scared than I was! 

Let me explain further what you are going to get...

THE SUBCUTANEOUS SHOT TUTORIAL (i.e. the tummy shot) – no matter where you are in your fertility journey or what medications you’ve been prescribed, everyone will have to do “tummy shots”.  So it doesn’t really matter what the medication is, it’s still the same process.  Lupron is a classic example of a medication that’s a “tummy shot”

THE INTRAMUSCULAR SHOT TUTORIAL (i.e. the butt shot) – For the first half of IVF you don’t have too many of these…primarily just one right before the retrieval called the “trigger” shot.  However, once you’re ready for the transfer and for the following three months after a positive pregnancy test, we fertility ladies have the pleasure of undergoing the “butt shot” every other day for many months…don’t do the math.    And I’m not going to lie and pretend it’s nothing.  It’s something.  So, I go through ALL my tips to make this shot a little less annoying and I show you a video of my husband giving me the shot!

PROGESTERONE VAGINAL SUPPOSITORY – yah, sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Well I’m not gonna sugar coat this one either.  But the good news is that this one doesn’t hurt, IT’S JUST REALLY ANNOYING.  So I give you some tips for this one…no video, sorry.

HORMONE PATCHES – Sounds simple as they are just hormone releasing stickers…but I learned the hard way that they don’t stay on as well as you’d think UNLESS you follow my tricks.  And these little effers are really expensive so you don’t want them falling off. 

MEDICATION CALENDAR – lastly, I remember one of the biggest things that stressed me out was the medication calendar the nurse handed me.  IT WAS SO COMPLICATED. 

  • Start this drug on this day

  • stop that other drug on that day

  • then take this third thing every other day starting on the 13th day of this calendar

  • then on this day start to do it two times a day

  • then on that day start doing it three times a day…..WTF??

The nurses (who are amazing by the way…see photo below) are so used to this whole process, they could do it blindfolded in their sleep.  But for those of us doing it for the first time, it’s REALLY overwhelming.  So I created an excel spreadsheet calendar to help me.  I will give you my exact calendar so you can see how I did it and then I give you a blank one so you can fill it in with your specific days/dates and medications. 

Me with my AMAZING nurse Tonie who was my nurse for TEN years!  Yup she was there when I froze my eggs all the way through to my embryo transfer ten years later!  We love our nurses and let's be honest they do all the hard work holding our hands through all this fertility stuff!!!  PS - I'm in a wheelchair because I had JUST had my embryo transfer!

Ok, back to business...after watching this mini course you will be armed with all sorts of ideas, strategies and tips to make this fertility journey a little less annoying :)  There's really nothing to think about. Let's do this ladies!





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