The conception of Tribecalledv


Shieva Ghofrany: [00:00:00] And the reason it's so special is I wanna tell you our origin story of Tribe called V two and a half-ish years ago. Jenny Lynn Edwards came up to me when I was in her sister's shared office space, the everwell, and said, I would like us to work together. , I really like your message. I want you to be my doctor and I'm gonna get pregnant with my frozen embryos from when I froze my eggs. 

A decade before she was 45 at the time, she froze her eggs, exit 35. She was still forward thinking and she said, I want you to be my doctor. And I was like, well, I don't take new patients, but you can see our practice. And she was like, oh no, you'll take me because we are going to build this together. And as it was, of course we did because, sorry, I have to play with my hair because I can't believe I look like this all day. 

So we built Tribe called V. Why did we build Tribe called V? We decided. That because Jenny had a lot of know-how with online platforms and because. Some know how with birthing that we could really create an amazing pregnancy course, which by the way, is gonna [00:01:00] launch on March 1st. So we videotaped her entire pregnancy because Lo Andhold, she got pregnant with that baby girl Kyle, a year, well, two years ago now. 

Because she birthed her a year ago. So we taped an entire pregnancy course through the entire pandemic. Despite working and everything, we would spend hours, hours up in the attic taping videos about all the things having to do with pregnancy, and that actually morphed into our pregnancy program that we have online right now, coming up on March 1st. 

The whole thing will be the pregnancy program where we'll have. Self-paced course, or you can be part of the more v I P experience where you get to do the two live zooms every month with us. But our purpose, as many of you have heard, is to increase your knowledge, to decrease your anxiety. Initially, this started as just let's decide about a pregnancy course, but it really. 

Morphed and changed and grew into what we are going to create for our community, which is the fact that women and humans with ovaries and uteruses often have a lot of anxiety, and it's often because they just don't get enough of the right information. So things like herpes, [00:02:00] H P V, menopause, perimenopause, fibroids, endometriosis, irregular bleeding, regular bleeding, all the things, when do I ovulate, how do I ovulate? 

And of course, pregnancy. That is our story, how we met because she was gonna get pregnant with her frozen embryos that then yielded this beautiful Kyle Grace whose one year birthday is today. Happy birthday to you, Kyle Grace. Happy birthday to us cuz now it's been a full year and a half since we've launched. 

Tribe called Me and we're growing and we love it. And there's gonna be more and more GYN content to come. And if you are pregnant or trying to conceive or know someone pregnant, you're trying to conceive, come on over and join our broad pregnancy program right now until March 1st. You can actually join for a much lower fee and be part of the Zooms, but once the course actually launches, the self-paced. 

It's gonna go up, so you might as well get in now. Okay. But happy birthday to that girl. If you see her over at Tribe called V on the Insta, [00:03:00] you say, congrats.