The smells


[00:00:00] Okay, Fri. Yay. So last day, five facts, fun facts, five days fast facts. The odors. There's the three, and I'm gonna go as quick as I can. So one is something died down there. That smell is a tampon. Almost always. It's old blood. It gets digested. It's gross. If you feel like an animal or something died in your vagina, it is a tampon. 

Go see your doctor. You don't want a tampon. second. The fishy odor that you guys seem to think is like so unique and so weird and so embarrassing. That is the odor that any secretary who has worked in an ob gyn office for like two days could be like, yeah, I'll call in a prescription. Yes, they don't because they're not supposed to diagnose, but they could. 

It's that common. It's bv, bacterial vaginosis. It's a fishy odor that's released by the bacteria, the way it's processed in your vagina, basically. And it can get worse when you have sex because when the semen. It really releases. So if you notice a fish, Yoder, don't be embarrassed. Yes, it's gross. Nobody likes it, but call your [00:01:00] doctor. 

She might have you come in to do cultures. She might call something in over the phone and then instruct you as to when you should come in. You can use vaginal antibiotic. You don't need oral antibiotic. And it's basically just from an imbalance. And if it recurs, which is a whole nother post, there are strategies to try to help. 

Third and the most annoying to me because it's the most annoying to you, even though it's the most. The not so fresh end of the day what Amy Schumer called the chicken soup smell . Okay. And that's normal down there, which I don't even wanna say down there. That sounds so like down there, our vagina is damp. 

And has bacteria, and that means things will breed. So by the end of the day, after you have freshened up by washing with just soap, mild soap, maybe on the outside, water on the inside, I like dove. It'll just by the end of the day, especially when things have been closed up with like leggings or jeans or spanks, It might smell not so fresh. 

It's not bad. It's not terrible. It shouldn't be something that we're [00:02:00] embarrassed about. Men are not embarrassed when their testicles have hung down there and it smells a little bit not so fresh. It's just like our armpit. If by the end of the day we all put our nose into our armpit, we would notice that it smells not so fresh. 

So people, ladies, women. Please. Let's be more emotionally happy and engaged and excited about our organs that are amazing. Let's not be embarrassed. Let's accept that it will smell sometimes not so fresh, and it's actually just the normal smell. We don't need to scour it. We should not douche. You know that? 

No douching. Oh, okay. All right. This has been a slow, fast one. Have a great weekend. It's Friday.