The why of Tribecalledv

[00:00:00] Hi, tribe. I'm getting ready. I am about to shoot a podcast with the flexible, neurotic Sarah Milken, who you guys think I talk a lot. I mean, this woman talks a ton and it's so much fun. I'm so excited. So it'll air, I don't know, couple weeks. It's her podcast. I am not there yet, but I wanted to point out, I don't know if you guys saw the message that I had posted a little bit ago where. 

Someone had said, I'm so glad you told me about postpartum hair loss because it was so much better. Since I knew about it, I wasn't as stressed. That is exactly the kind of nugget that we want to kind of put out, those types of things so that through Tribe called V and our pregnancy program, you guys learn. 

I can't encompass everything, but as many of those things that I hear on a daily basis that I know cause anxiety. , right? As you're trying to conceive, right? As you find out you're pregnant. What if you have bleeding when you're pregnant? What if you find out something on the ultrasound? What happens in the middle of your pregnancy? 

If you find out you have gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia? What if your baby's breach? All of these little [00:01:00] nuggets that when you find out in that moment, it can provoke anxiety. But if you've heard of it, Ahead of time, preemptively, as I keep saying, then I maintain you won't be as anxious. 

So that's the spirit behind our pregnancy program and she put it best. So that's why I posted it. And I have a lot of, um, posts like that and dms like that. So I thank you. I'm gonna actually start sharing them, but things like, I read about HPV V after hearing it from you and it made me feel calmer. Now my. 

is that you as women will learn of all these things before it's happened to you, right? Because not only will you feel as anxious, maybe you'll help your daughter. Maybe you'll help your sister, your best friend, your mother, whatever it is, whether it's pregnancy or gynecological issues. So that's what I'm trying to achieve, not only here, but especially at Tribe called V. 

So if you're not following us over there, follow us over there as we're growing and if you are pregnant or trying to conceive and you wanna be part of our pregnancy program, now is the time. Okay. Bye.