UTI vs Yeast


Hi. I decided I'll do quick, like literally quick, maybe two or three minutes about UTI versus yeast infection because these two get. Misconstrued for each other all the time. U T I, which we talked about is a bladder infection, urinary tract infection, which typically means your bladder, even though you're a urinary tract, includes your kidney. But if you have a kidney infection, it's totally different. So U T I and bladder infection tend to be interchangeable. That would mean infection in your bladder, bacteria in your bladder where it should not be. Symptoms include. earning when you pee, pressure, when you pee, feeling like you have to pee frequently, feeling like you have to pee, you pee a little bit comes out, and then the rest doesn't come out. We call it urgency, dysuria, and frequency. But again, to you guys, it's, oh, I feel like I have to pee a lot. A little bit comes out. It hurts when it's coming out, and then I feel like I still have to pee. The confusion I find is the burning when you pee, because when we say burning, when you pee, we mean, oh, it's [00:01:00] coming out and it's hurting my bladder, my pelvis. What is a yeast infection? Cuz I'll get back to the burning when you pee. A yeast infection is chunky white discharge that leads to itching. Now imagine if your vagina is inflamed with chunky white discharge that causes itching from yeast or what is called Canada. Then the urethra, which is the hole you pee out of, might be inflamed so that when you're peeing the burning is your the tissue. Just hurts, right? So you guys think burning when you pee is when your vagina hurts. When the pee is coming out. When we say burning, when you pee, we mean your bladder. So I don't know if that helps differentiate it, but that's really the difference cuz patients will call us all the time and go, I think you have yeast infection. Now if you're talking to me, you know that my response will be, don't tell me you have yeast infection. Tell me what your symptoms are and I'll decide if I think you have a yeast infection. But unfortunately, when this is done quickly over the phone with me or anyone else, it tends to be like, I have yeast infection. Okay, here's Diflucan for yeast and the cream for yeast. Whereas if it's a [00:02:00] bladder infection, you use antibiotic. And as you can guess, they're totally different treatments and they will not help each other. Now, some people have both and neither is harmful, but you don't wanna take antibiotics if you don't need it. And if you have a yeast infection, you take antibiotics, it's only gonna make your yeast infection worse cuz it's killing off the good bacteria as well. The third part, which again is another discussion we'll talk about yeast versus BV, is some people just have burning in their vagina from bacteria from bacterial vaginosis, which is another thing. Stinky, smelly, fishy vagina. And that can make, again, the vagina feel irritated so that the, when the pee comes out, just like when the P comes out during yeast infection, it burns the skin of like the tissue of the vagina and that causes burning when you pee. But that's not the burning when you pee that we are talking about when you have a u t I. So in a nutshell, again, U T I, bladder infection is burning when you pee. Pressure when you pee, feeling like you have to pee frequently, but the burning means that the pee hurts coming out of your bladder, not that your [00:03:00] vagina hurts your bladder. The yeast infection is itching with chunky white discharge, and maybe the vaginal tissue gets irritated when the pee hits it, but that's a different kind of burning when you pee. Okay. Okay, I hope that helped. Bye-Bye.