Viscious cycle of yeast?Uti? bv?


[00:00:00] It's actually Monday night when I'm taping this, but I will post it. I don't know, tonight or tomorrow, but guess what? I saw a lot of, cause it's late and I'm going to sleep or I'm going home and then I'm gonna go to sleep. I saw a lot of this. I'm itchy, I'm burning, I'm irritated. I think I've had something chronic for a long time. 

I think it's chronic ease to chronic whatever. So here is what I see with these young women when this happens. This happened today twice in fact. . I think that young people are going too bald. Too bald. Not They're going too bald. They're going too bald. Meaning you young ladies are grooming completely. I get it. 

It feels nicer. It's smooth. It's cleaner, you think? But hear me out when your labia, your bva is completely dev devoid of any. A couple things happen. One is you don't have a little bit of a cushion between your vulva and your underwear or between your vulva and maybe something rubbing friction against it.[00:01:00]  

Um, so that can irritate it. Second is when all the hair follicles have gotten pulled out. Those little hair follicles are actually a. location where a small amount of oil and sebum is secreted, which is a good thing. You need that to kind of help it be moisturized. Third is that because everything is so devoid of any, um, moisture, it gets drier, right? 

So you end up having this perfect combination of irritation and dry. Not necessarily exactly the atrophy that we talked about that you can get after having had a baby or being in menopause, but close to it. When you add to that young women who may have been on the pill for a really long time, the patient can be very like even with regard to their hormones. 

So instead of their get them getting the like ups and downs of a normal hormonal cycle, you'd be on the pill for a really long time and that also leads to your vagina being a little bit. a trophic, like we talked about in my last video. So now imagine you have someone who's [00:02:00] been on the pill for a long time who doesn't have the fluctuations, that might stimulate a little bit more of, um, secretions and just the elasticity of the vulva. 

Now you've gone either lasered or waxed or shaved completely bald so you've got no more hair follicles secreting a little bit of that oil. Coupled with things like spinning or wearing a thong or all that other stuff that just traps all the bacteria and moisture. So that can be a perfect storm of either. 

Chronic yeast, chronic bacterial vaginosis, which I'm not actually gonna talk about in this video. That's a whole nother topic. What I saw today is a very classic symptom of the patient thought something was going on. So she'd call the office, Hey, I think I have a yeast infection. Okay? The nurses wanna be nice. 

They don't make you come in because they feel bad, cuz you think you have yeast infection. So first we treat it like yeas. But then it doesn't get better, so you call back. They don't wanna make you come in again. So then we think it's something else. So this happens a lot in gynecologist's office where the patient gets into this cycle of trying stuff for yeast stuff for bb, maybe it's a uti. 

Um, and [00:03:00] again, in the end it might be none of those things. And in fact, what it is, is just this perfect storm of combinations of either being on the pill, too much shaving and waxing. And then the, the triple threat would be if you were doing things like, and I hope you're not douching, or just over washing it or wiping with baby wipes because you're trying to get it really clean. 

Because imagine you're just stripping everything off of that area of your skin that you need. It's like if I over wash my skin, I'm stripping all the good oils. Okay. And that can lead to recurrent bv, recurrent yeast or just irritation and make people think they even have a urinary tract infection when, when in fact they might just have a U arthritis. 

So if this sounds familiar to you, stop everything . Try to grow some hair back if you can. If you can't, like in this particular patient's case today, We decided we're gonna stop the pill to kind of get her hormone levels a little bit back to normal. She's gonna use condoms as a backup. We're gonna plump up her vagina with a little bit of topical estrogen cream. 

She's gonna promise that if any hair grows [00:04:00] back cuz she had lasered, she's gonna leave it alone and we're gonna see. I redid cultures. If she has an infection, I will treat it, but I don't think she has an infection. . Okay. Uh, a similar situation can occur where you just get irritation of the vagina out from all the things we talked about. 

So you get irritation, you scratch the scratching, causes more inflammation. The inflammation causes itching. The itching causes inflammation. It becomes this vicious cycle. Vicious cycle of scratching, scratching, scratching, and then the. Tissue gets so inflamed that you're actually not even sure what's going on. 

So that's a whole nother aspect that can come from it. And in those cases, I use some topical cortisone cream and tell patients to stop everything else they're doing. So the bottom line answer to this is sometimes less is more ladies. And if you think somebody's going on and you've tried one thing, like I tried yeast and it didn't work. 

I tried to treat it like bv. It didn't work. I tried to treat it like uti. It didn't. Don't keep calling the doctor's office for over the count, for over the phone things. Just go to see them, okay? Because in an effort to help you guys, we sometimes don't make [00:05:00] you come in cuz you guys will be like, I can't come in, I'm working. 

Can I just get something over the phone? But you have to remember then we're dealing with things just based on your description and that's just not always good for you. Okay? I hope that helps. I'll talk to you all later. Bye.