Wear a mask/ wear a condom


[00:00:00] Okay. Pleasantly surprised. It's my hospital day and I just had to come out of a store, my crazy hair and my mask, and I saw many masks, which makes me happy, not because I wanna squelch anyone's like right to do whatever they want. I guess, but like we don't live in a world where we do whatever we want. 

We live in a world where we try to use rationale and um, some laws and rules. So here's my analogy. I've said this before. I have many young patients, very educated, , some not educated. It doesn't matter. Sensible people one would think, who will say things like, I will be devastated if I have chlamydia. To which I respond, oh, great. 

Then let's use condoms. Oh, but condoms are gross and annoying. Okay. How about abstinence? Oh yeah, I'm not gonna do that. And let's face it, I don't really say abstinence because I don't think that's realistic for many of these. Patience. Right. That said, do you see my point? You have to follow a [00:01:00] line of reasoning. 

I don't want chlamydia. I would freak out from chlamydia. Therefore, I should use condoms or abstain from sex or guarantee that I'm having sex with a monogamous person. Any of these things will make sense. Or what even makes sense to me is I just, I'm okay with the risk of chla. I'm gonna check myself frequently, like every six to 12 weeks so that I don't have asymptomatic chlamydia and I'm not gonna freak out and be devastated if and when I get it because I'm choosing not to use condoms and to potentially be non-monogamous. 

These are all wise choices in my opinion, meaning not all choices I would take, but choices that make sense because they follow a, again, sensible line of reasoning. If we extrapolate this. The Covid. What makes sense to me is either I'm going to get vaccinated because that will significantly decrease my risk of getting covid, including many of the variants it seems, and or if I get it, I will not get severe disease. 

That's one line of reasoning. I'll still wear my mask because there are variants that we don't know. I don't even wanna get a variant, and there are [00:02:00] unvaccinated individuals out there through whom I might get something or give something. One line of reasoning. Second line of. I don't wanna get covid, but I don't want the vaccine because I don't think there's enough data. 

Again, not what I agree with, but I understand it. Therefore, I'm going to take measures like wearing my mask and not being out in very public, congested places, including airlines. trips, things like that, or, I don't think I'm gonna get covid. I'm not gonna be devastated by Covid. I accept that I might get it. 

I don't want to be infringed upon with my freedoms. I'm gonna walk around without a mask. I'm gonna travel as much as I want, and I'm gonna accept the risk of covid. Again, all three of these, to me, sensible. Not all three choices I would make, but all three sensible, none sensible tummy, much like chlamydia is. 

I'll be devastated if I find I have covid. Because I'm pregnant and I'm really stressed, but I didn't get vaccinated. I'm not wearing my mask in public and I'm going on vacations [00:03:00] in congested places, or I'm continuing to work in a congested space where we don't wear a mask, we're going to stores. This, to me, does not make sense. 

It doesn't seem sensible, so I invite you all to just. Use judgment that you follow through. If you are one who would be devastated by covid, I get it. Protect yourself. If you would be one who doesn't believe in the vaccine. I don't really get it, but I get it. Don't get the vaccine, but protect yourself in other ways. 

But to continue to not get vaccinated, not mask, not avoid public spaces, and be devastated by the thought of covid seems incongruent with reality. Much like my chlamydia. Analysis. Okay. That's all I have to say.