When to start the pill?


[00:00:00] Morning. It's a Monday and it's a busy week, so I'm gonna do five quick videos this week. I'm gonna do, I did this a couple months ago. Five facts fun, five fast facts in five days. So I'm gonna try to keep it to a minute-ish. Today's fact is gonna be about when do you start the birth control pill. Back in our day since I'm 50, we used to do a Sunday start. 

We called it, meaning you got your period and you would start the pill the Sunday after the first day of your period. And this was really just by convention so that everyone started on the same day and everyone kind of got their period predictably because you would typically get your period three weeks later. 

Because in the old fashioned pills and some of this new pills we still use, there were three weeks of active pills and one week of placebos. So if you started on a. 21 days later, you'd start your placebos and you'd get your period on that Sunday or Monday. Now we've switched, some people still do. Sunday start doesn't mean you're old. 

Now, we also have pills that have four day placebos or even pills that skip your period, which we'll talk about in. Tomorrow's fun fact. So when do you start your, your [00:01:00] pill now? Does it have to be on a Sunday? No. Now most of us will tell patients start on the first day of your period. Don't wait till Sunday start on the first day. 

It comes with a bunch of stickers. So you lay them across the top and that's how you know what day you're gonna be taking it every day. Or you could even start it on the day you remember, like if you go to your doctor today and say, I wanna start taking today's photo, I don. You start today. As long as we know you are not pregnant, that's all that matters, which either means your period or no one protected sex in the previous two weeks and maybe even do a pregnancy test. 

Okay, hope that makes sense. Bye.