World Ovarian Cancer Day


[00:00:00] Hello Tribe I thought I would take today to talk about ovarian cancer because it's world ovarian cancer day and it happens to coincide with the launch of a great organization called Nail Ovarian Cancer. Teal. Teal is the color of ovarian cancer. So they really want you as women to understand the signs and symptoms, as do I, because for those of you who don't know, four years ago I was di diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but I was lucky enough that I caught it at stage two because I know the signs and symptoms, and I did what I'm gonna tell you, and it led to the D. 

Which led to surgery and chemotherapy, and now I am fine. Statistically, the majority of women who have ovarian cancer do not find out until it's stage three or four, but they have had symptoms that they recall for six to eight months that they blow off because they believe those symptoms to be really vague, very common. 

And they attributed to things like something they ate, [00:01:00] something they drank. So here I am to tell you some nuggets of information that you. First of all, you do not get screened for ovarian cancer. When you go to the gynecologist, you're getting a pap smear for cervical cancer. You are not getting any screening test for ovarian cancer. 

Even when the doctor does a pelvic exam and feels inside, she would not be able to feel ovarian cancer unless your tumor is huge. So that's one. There is no screening test that they have been able to find yet. They are constantly on the lookout, but there has not been one developed. Two. The signs and symptoms are common and vague, and the majority of the time the signs and symptoms that I'm gonna repo repeat over and over are not ovarian cancer. 

So do not be paranoid. One of my many isms is I want you to be proactive, not paranoid. Okay. Three. Know the signs and symptoms. Persistent bloating or pain, or pressure, I'm pointing to my pelvis in that area. If you have persistent bloating, pain, or pressure, please, please, please if it lasts more than two weeks. 

[00:02:00] Go see your gynecologist. Feel free to invoke my name. That crazy lady on the on the internet is always telling me I should get an ultrasound. If I have bloating, pain, or pressure for more than two weeks, is it likely ovarian cancer? No. But if we don't have a high index of suspicion and a low threshold to look with an ultrasound, then we will miss the few ovarian cancers like mine and I literal. 

Would not be standing here today. I'm sitting, but you know what I mean. Okay. So today I want you to go to nail ovarian cancer. Dot org. Their Instagram is nail ovarian dot cancer dot. I will post it. I want you to have teal talks. Teal is the color of ovarian cancer. So just remember that and I want you guys to talk about this with your mothers, your sisters, your best friends, your cousins, any woman you know, you now know the signs and. 

You talk about it, the more we talk about it as women, and we talk about it as doctors and we talk about it as patients, the more likely we are to find [00:03:00] patients like me at stage two. Okay? So nail ovarian Please talk about this with your family and friends and yourself, but. Do not be paranoid. 

Be proactive, but not paranoid, and continue to have these talks frequently casually over and over again so that it becomes part of our vernacular, so that we know that when we have bloating or pain, or pressure for more than two weeks, we're gonna get it checked out. Okay? Nail ovarian cancer. That's my evil eye. 

Don't look too close. It's a little messy. Have a great day.