Yeast vs Uti


[00:00:00] I think this is an interesting phenomenon that has now happened three or four times in the last two days with patients, um, UTI versus yeast infection. It's so interesting to us as gynecologists. It's very clear the difference because uti, urinary tract infection or bladder infection, which are the same thing in contrast to yeast infection. 

Um, which is an infection in your vagina. Those are two separate entities. So first, let's stratify because patients seem to mix these things up a lot. U T I, urinary tract infection. In theory, the urinary tract is the kidney and the ureter, which is the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder and the bladder. 

But when we say uti, we typically. Infection in your bladder, urinary tract infection, bladder, which is the same as bladder infection. But I hear a lot of patients say, oh, I think I had a uti. And I'll say, okay, you had a bladder infection. No, I had a [00:01:00] uti. Or vice versa, when they're the same thing. And that typically will be burning when you pee. 

Pressure when you pee feeling like you have to pee. Frequently, occasionally there's blood in there. I think the confusion is that when we say burning, when you pee, we mean, Ooh, I have to pee and it hurts when the pee is coming out of my bladder, meaning my urethra, the hole that I pee out of and my bladder are irritated. 

And the official and medical term, which is ladin, is dysuria, which means painful urination. . But when we say burning, when you pee, patients sometimes misconstrue that because if you had a yeast infection, which is um, a chunky white infection in your vagina and on your vulva, which will lead to itching, sometimes the irritation from the itching will lead to burning when you pee. 

Meaning the skin is burning when you pee. So let's just be very clear. Urinary tract infection is the same as bladder infection, which. [00:02:00] Painful urination, peeing frequently, feeling like you're not emptying. And occasionally there's blood and that is typically a bacterial infection. And you need oral antibiotics. 

Yeast infection is yeast growing in your vagina or V and that will be itching often with a chunky white discharge. And for that, you either need oral. Antifungal or vaginal antifungal, or a combination of both. Or if you're using more natural things, you can try to balance it by using probiotics, yogurt, um, to balance your vagina. 

So that's a quickie. Does that make. Sense to everybody cuz it's really interesting how confusing it is for even the most educated of patients. As an aside, did you see I did. I decided to do my own nails while I was watching movie with my son last night. So I did Evil eye. You stole my evil eye nail and stuff. 

Okay. All right. So that's it. Bye.